Welcome to the world of Machinery & Parts Export, LLC (Mapex).

We are a full-service procurement company and distributorship that specializes in agricultural, industrial, hotel, construction and truck equipment, and spare parts. Supplying and servicing your needs in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner is always our top priority!

We have over three decades of experience in procurement services and at all times hold our customers’ one-hundred percent satisfaction as our goal in business. Our headquarters is based in beautiful Orlando, FL, giving us easy access to all our target markets, which is a key component of the global economy and product line which we represent.

Our team is headed by seasoned industry veterans with impeccable reputations serving customers in all aspects of Sales, Consulting, Contract & Bid Negotiation, Purchasing, and Order Fulfillment. It is this experience that has guided us to become a premier supplier to the US , Caribbean & Latin-American marketplaces.

Corporate Values:

•To provide the highest level of service to our clients every time

•To turnaround orders as quickly and cost-effectively as humanly possible

•To maintain strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with all our clients & suppliers

•To always keep focused on every detail of each transaction; we don’t get things right 1,000 times in a row, we get it right once and repeat that experience 1,000 times