At Mapex, we understand that your primary concern as an equipment owner is to have your units accessible and available to work at all times. Many equipment owners are either too busy, do not have the expertise, lack availability of fast-moving spare parts, or simply forget to stick to the manufacturer’s recommended servicing schedule. Unfortunately, this will over time lead to premature failure of major components and unnecessary downtime fixing problems that could have and should have been prevented.The result is usually a much more expensive bill to fix issues that could have been relatively inexpensive to prevent in the first place!That is exactly why we have created our Service Checkup (sm) – to take the hassles out of your life and prolong the useful productive life of your equipment.The Mapex Service Checkup (sm) features the following:
– For units that need general routine servicing on-site at the customer’s location, our MST (link to MST page) or other service vehicle will be deployed with our factory-trained technician(s) and the necessary spares to complete the job.

-Spares (filters, etc.) will be fitted, based on manufacturer’s recommendation.

-Other service functions (oil changes, tightening of bolts, etc.) will be performed as necessary.

-Only original spare parts will be used.

– For larger out-of-crop evaluation, repair, maintenance, and rebuilding/reconditioning, the unit(s) should be sent to our state-of-the-art workshop facility in Hanbury, Manchester.

• A complete evaluation will be done and Proforma Invoice created for the work, labor, and spare parts recommended.
• Upon approval from the customer, the unit will be fully reconditioned, cleaned, and serviced prior to being returned.
• This service comes with a 30-day guarantee on the major components reconditioned. Only original spare parts will be used.

We have seen drastic improvement in the performance and useful life of equipment in the fields when proper service routines are adhered to. Mapex will take the responsibility of this function and accommodate your schedules to ensure your equipment is maintained as it should be.

Protect your investment! Contact Mapex today to schedule your equipment servicing, or create a custom service plan for your organization!

We also service all our competitor’s equipment … See you soon!

** Mapex reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions mentioned above at any time without prior notice **