Our company is divided among the following divisions below, each working seamlessly with the other to provide the very best customer satisfaction in the industry.


MAPEX Agriculture

Procurement and distribution of new and used agricultural equipment and spare parts.


MAPEX Construction

Procurement and distribution of new and used construction equipment and spare parts.


MAPEX Industrial

Procurement and distribution of new and used factory & industrial equipment and spare parts.


MAPEX Automotive

Procurement and distribution of new and used truck equipment and spare parts. We also offer custom-built machinery for select applications in the construction and transport industries.


MAPEX Service

Servicing of all classes of equipment (our brands as well as competitor’s) by our factory-trained and certified mechanics.


MAPEX Chemicals

Procurement and distribution of chemicals for the agricultural sector, primarily fertilizer.


MAPEX Leasing

Leasing of stock tractor(s), implements, and equipment (pumps, generators, etc.) to small and large farmers who need contracted rates for seasonal work, etc.


MAPEX Investments

Responsible for seeking prospects for strategic growth, as well as other viable investments for the Mapex group.


MAPEX Consulting

Leveraging vast industry knowledge and experience to provide paid consulting services to clients, primarily in the agricultural sector.


MAPEX Farming

Use of resources to cultivate crops to be used for value-add products.


MAPEX Alternative Energy

Strategic investments in alternative energy ventures throughout developing countries.


MAPEX Banking

We have partnered with a few select banks throughout the Caribbean and the USA to provide competitive financing for farmers and contractors in the agricultural and construction industries; exclusively for those who use our equipment in their operations.


MAPEX Foundation

This is an initiative we take very seriously and is dear to our heart. The Mapex Foundation acts as a vehicle for us to give back to our communities throughout Jamaica and Caribbean, and specializes in Education and Healthcare Initiatives for the less privileged.