With over three decades of experience in the import/export, distributorship and procurement industries, along with very carefully chosen affiliates and relationships, we offer a wide range of services to our customers.

These Include:

• Purchasing & Procurement of Engineered Products
• Import Supervision & Consulting
• Customs Clearance & Inland Delivery
• Client Relation Management
• Strategic Planning
• Account Development
• Contract, Bid, & Tender Negotiation (Government & Private)
• Complete After Sales Support / Servicing


Why Choose Mapex?

We like to believe that a direct result of our hard work is that we have successfully created many factors that differentiate us from our competition, all of which will help save you time, money and valuable resources in the short and long run.

Mapex™ is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Central Florida, which is testament to our quality of service and keen focus on customer satisfaction.

In today’s competitive business world, we believe that companies should focus on what they do best, whether it is farming, producing commodities, developing land, constructing skyscrapers or hotels, or simply serving the general public. That is why we take the hassle out of your procurement needs. We will represent your interest at all times and have your goods meticulously taken care of from factory to port. In most cases (or upon request), we can even arrange customs clearance and inland delivery directly to your job site.

We work with the very best manufacturers in each industry, and stand behind the products we represent all the way. We offer many competitive warranties on new equipment, and assure you that our represented lines of products will out-last & out-perform the competition.

Mapex is a robust enterprise with a fairly flat hierarchical structure. Therefore, decisions can be made very quickly by many of our seasoned representatives & managers, which saves you time and gets your equipment to you quicker. We also deliver a first class customer service experience and unmatched attention to details that has become known to satisfy.

We work closely with hundreds of quality suppliers of new and used equipment. Our used machinery & equipment can be presented with SGS certification if necessary to assure supreme quality, and due to our vast supplier base, in most cases we will be able to present you with many options to suit your exact needs. This will give you the comfort of knowing that even if you choose to by used equipment, you are still buying quality products!

In many cases we are not restricted by specific product lines or manufacturers. Although we represent a few very carefully chosen brands across different industries, we are committed to supplying your every need! Basically, if it is an engineered product and we cannot quote you with competitive rates & delivery, chances are it does not exist!

Our vast relationships span the entire world. We work closely with hundreds of suppliers in over 8 countries, including USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, UK, Italy, India, Japan, and China. We are therefore able to access a much wider range of products with more options and specifications to suit your exact needs.

We have found in a vast majority of cases that it works out cheaper to outsource your procurement needs than attempt to do it yourself. We have existing reliable relationships built around an efficient system. With our headquarters strategically located in Florida, and branch in Jamaica, we have quick, direct access to many of our suppliers, which translates to faster delivery and more reliable service. Let us go to work for you!