As an added service to our customers, Mapex will be implementing the Mapex Uptime Promise (sm), which serves as an added guarantee that our customers will enjoy the maximum utility of their investments. We understand that you put a lot of resources into your equipment purchases, and as a result they should work as intended. Nonetheless, as with any man‐made equipment, failures do happen. We protect all Case IH equipment with a 1‐year or 1200‐hour limited warranty (details available upon request), and all other equipment with their manufacturer’s standard warranty.

**The Mapex Uptime Promise is only valid for new equipment purchased from Mapex.**

For units within the first two(2) years of service since official commissioning, and units out of warranty, the following will apply:

• When your unit has a failure, and upon request (email or call), Mapex will send one of our technicians to your site within 48 hours to evaluate the problem. The evaluation will be free of charge to the customer, but if any work is performed on this visit you will be billed accordingly for mileage, parts and labor only.

• If the problem is diagnosed as a mechanical or electrical failure due to general wear and tear of the unit, Mapex will compile a list of spare parts and service items that are needed to bring the unit back in to service. Upon your approval of the costs involved, Mapex will furnish the parts and bring the unit back into service in the shortest possible time. You will be billed accordingly for parts, labor, travel, and any additional expenses.• If for any reason Mapex cannot repair your unit and bring it back into service within 45 days of initial contact, Mapex will provide you with a “loaner” tractor equivalent or similar to the one you currently have (subject to availability at that time), as well as an approved, trained operator for that tractor.

• The loaner tractor will only be granted to the customer if the customer can provide all service records for the tractor showing that the factory recommended service intervals were followed, and all servicing was performed by official Mapex employees. This will ensure that only original spare parts are fitted to your units at all times, and that the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed properly. This is the only way to guarantee your units function as they should and give the longest life of service possible.

• The Mapex loaner fleet will comprise of one (1) Case IH Farmall-95 4WD tractor (95hp), and one Case IH Maxxum 115 4WD Tractor (115hp). Mapex Currently stocks over US$175,000 (JA$15.00MM) of spare parts at our facility in Jamaica to support Case IH and our other manufacturer’s equipment on the island!

** Mapex reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions mentioned above at any time without prior notice **