Mapex / Case IH Training for Sugarcane Harvesters

As a part of Mapex’s commitment to world-class service, various technicians and managers from the Mapex team, as well as mechanics, operators, and managers from a major sugar producer in Jamaica, attended training on the Case IH A8800 sugarcane harvester at the factory in Piracicaba, Brazil. The team went through a series of instruction from high-level Case IH technicians over the course of 2 weeks. Instruction ranged from preventative maintenance to operation of the A8800 sugarcane harvester. Mapex Service Coordinator for Jamaica, Jonathan Roye, who is attending the training for the second consecutive year regarded the training as “great for learning new and advanced servicing techniques”. He continued by stating that “these trainings are a vital part of what makes Mapex – Mapex. Learning and applying better service is important to satisfying our customers.” This training session was coordinated by Mapex along with the Case IH team in Brazil, and is just one of several training sessions held by Mapex each year to keep the employees and customers on the cutting edge of technology and the latest “best practices” in the industry. Present from the Mapex team were: Josef Powell, President & CEO, Jonathan Roye, Service Coordinator, and Norris Salmon, Manager – Factory Service & Sales. The Mapex team promises continued service and reliability from both the equipment as well as the service team to support the equipment in the field.

Pictures from the Case IH / Mapex sugarcane harvester training