Attachments for Construction Equipment: 3 Things to consider

Multiple Attachments for Construction Equipment are vital to maximize the value of your machinery. A skid steer that loads, lifts, hammers, digs and crushes is a luxury for any job-site. Consider all the specifications of both the attachment and the equipment before purchase.

Attachments for construction equipment - Case Skid Steer Loader


It is crucial that attachments correctly match both the operating capacity and hydraulic flow of the equipment. An oversized bucket on a skid steer loader or loader backhoe may cause damage to the machine, the hydraulics and other internal components.  Consult the operators manual before purchase and prior to fitting the attachment to the machine to ensure this does not happen. Also, use the dealer you purchased the equipment from as a resource if in doubt of the proper specifications. The dealer should ensure that the right-sized attachment is fitted to the tractor or loader. This will result in longer life, more productivity and a greater return on investment.


To maximize productivity of attachments it may be important to quickly switch between them. If the job site requires the equipment to perform different tasks ensure you get the right coupler. The right quick attach system (coupler) can decrease downtime when switching attachments. Quick attach systems can save 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how the traditional attachment system was designed. Couplers can reduce operator fatigue – they will be able to focus on the tasks of the job-site instead of attaching and detaching specialty attachments. Many machines available today come standard with quick attach couplers. However, older machinery can also be retrofitted with these new couplers. When retrofitting ensure the system is both lightweight and made of high quality steel and materials. These tips keep your fleet dynamic and productive, improving the return on your investment.


Proper training is extremely important. Training increases productivity and safety for both the equipment and the operators. The difference between a trained an untrained operator on a new piece of machinery can be staggering. Often, new equipment has special systems to improve performance and productivity specifically designed for certain conditions. Attachments can have their own parameters for maximum efficiency and it is important to understand these before application.

Attachments can provide more versatility and profitability compared to other equipment acquisitions.

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