Picking the right Equipment for your Business in the Caribbean.

Farmall Tractor with Front End Loader Attachment - Get Your Equipment Today!

Farmall Tractor with Front End Loader Attachment – Get Your Equipment Today!

Picking the right equipment or tractor for your application in the Caribbean can be a tricky job. Why use a sledgehammer when a scalpel will do? You have considered this question many times, but it is still a hard question ton consider in your business. There are few things you should consider before your eventual purchase.

  • How big is your property? Job site? Scale?

Many people initially purchase either too much or too little tractor for their property, and this inefficiency adds up to real dollars and cents for owners. If your business is planning to scale up, buy a tractor that has slightly more performance than you currently require; it is easier to transition to your future operations when your equipment is up to the task of your future operations. There are hidden factors to consider in your equipment purchase. Is it right sized for the application you are using it for? Are you using the tractor to mow a part of your farm? Collecting hay or forage? Using a small compact tractor for light duty operations is more cost efficient. Using larger tractors for land preparation is usually more economical.

  • What configurations are necessary? New or Used Equipment?

Used Tractors hold their value over time. There is a saying “there are no deals in used tractors.” If the used tractor you are looking at isn’t appropriately sized, it is often better to buy a new tractor. Why is this? Every year new tractors become safer and more fuel efficient. This adds up to serious savings over the life of your tractor. Unlike a car or a motorcycle, with proper preventative maintenance, tractors and construction equipment have a 20+ year useful life.

  • Horsepower requirements.

Consider both the Brake HP and PTO HP or your equipment. PTO horsepower is the power that is available for the attachments to use from the Engine. =. Certain attachments that will be useful on your farm or job-site require specific PTO horsepower for them to function efficiently if at all, so knowing this information is crucial for your purchase.

There are many more things to consider before buying your tractor and we are here for you every step of the way. Contact us for help right sizing your equipment for your farm or job site.

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