Changing filters on equipment and accurately documenting your service program.

Changing filters on time and doing regular service is an important part in getting the most out of your machinery. Whether that machine is old or new, it benefits from a consistent applied service program. Replacing filters and oil and tightening loose nuts will be much cheaper than  a complete overhaul.

Changing Filters

What to do to implement proper servicing?

Check the operators and or service manual of all your machines. Accurately note the engine hours for required servicing and make this information easily available. Ask the operator to report hours on the machine after each use – this way you are prepared for servicing. If your service interval is approaching, call your dealer and inform them the service interval is near. Your dealer will inform you of what parts are required to complete servicing. You can ensure they have them in stock and schedule an early convenient time to service. The less time the machine is idle the more it will produce. The more production from your equipment is the greater payback that machine is to your business.

Why to implement proper servicing?

There are many benefits to changing filters and servicing your equipment on the scheduled time. Servicing your machine correctly decreases the chance for failure due to misuse or challenging conditions. Your equipment will have more power and improved operation due to clean fuel, clean oils and air. Aside from the obvious payback of increased up-time and improved operation of your machine, there is a hidden value to servicing your equipment at the correct periods. RESALE VALUE. Your equipment will command significantly higher resale value with an accurate log of service. This simply means more dollars in your pocket when you choose to sell.

Additional items to consider –

Fluid analysis is another preventative tool that maintains your equipment and increases the value of your equipment. You will know if a problem is developing in your unit and can fix it before your machine fails. This reduces replacement cost, ensures greater up time and improves performance of your machine. Click here for further information on fluid analysis.

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